About us

Vintage Sunglasses Store is a project initiated and developed by Giovanni over many years. Being passionate about vintage glasses since his very young age, Giovanni had started collecting a variety of models that are vintage icons. Over time his passion for glasses became a lifestyle. At the beginning of the century, Giovanni started travelling around Europe to search for the most rare, exclusive, and beautiful glasses. Experience and expertise acquired over time have been the incentive to start Vintage-Sunglasses-Store.com which supplies vintage glasses to customers all over the world. Giovanni’s continuous search for unique models ensures luxury products and services for his customers who share his passion for vintage.

The creation of Vintage Sunglasses Store has been the progression of Giovanni’s work and has been conceived as a tribute to the world’s best vintage designers, with a passion for detail, quality, and exclusivity. Giovanni offers unique N.O.S. (new old stock) vintage model sunglasses that are of the highest quality, every piece has been carefully selected and sourced.

- To live is not just merely to exist. To live means to have fun, to experience, to grow and to collect. This is what unites the ever growing community of vintage sunglasses lovers to this website, which makes it possible for people all around the world to have unique and exclusive sunglasses. Our service is not second to anyone else. We ship to all countries, and shortly we became one of the most popular vintage sunglasses website in the world. This is both a sign of our clients’ appreciation and a guarantee for those who want to become so.-