Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Are the sunglasses offered by Vintage-Sunglasses-Store always original and unworn?
Denfinitely! I'm a collector before being a seller! Our sunglasses are all new, never worn, in perfect conditions. Every single item shown on our site has been carefully checked and cleaned.
However, there is a chance to find few tiny marks on them, due to time and sometimes to an imperfect preservation.

2.    How do I know if a model fits myself? Is there a measure for your items?
Please, look at the measurements in every item details and remember that every model can be perfectly mented for free according to your face by a professional optician.

3.   I saw some nice sunglasses on your website. Now they’re out of stock! Is the model still available?
It may be not. Every single item on Vintage-Sunglasses-Store  has been out of production for at least ten years; some of them are extremely rare and hard to find.

4.    Is it possible for Vintage-Sunglasses-Store to find a particular model for me?
We will do our best, please send your request at email address …….

5.    My sunglasses will be shipped with the original case? Are more accessories included?
It depends, All parts of an item (case and extra accessories) is shown in the pictures.
If its specific case or any other accessory is not mentioned, it will just be sent in a generic case.

6.    What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept:
-Bank transfer;
-Credit Card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard , etc...);

7.    Is it possible to return an item?
Yes, sure. Please look at our conditions.

8.    How much does delivery cost and how long does it take?
Delivery time and price depend on the final destination, please look our shipping menu to get all the information you need.

9.    Is it possible to track my package?
Yes, sure.
In case of courier you will automatically get  an e-mail with the tracking number.
In case of registered airmail, please contact us to get the tracking number (package traceability depends on the postal service of the destination country).

10.    How can I contact Vintage-Sunglasses-Store?
Manager: Quarta Giovanni